CUT OFF DATE: November 1st - Estimated arrival date, not guaranteed! All customers will receive updates via email.

We are now offering Yahoo! Auctions Japan, Up Garage (Croooober), and any other Japan web store purchasing services for those in search of specific car parts from Japan. By ocean freight, we're able to bring over parts of any size at affordable rates. 

We have containers arriving every 2 - 4 months, so please understand there will be a wait.


All items must be picked up from our shop in Pomona, California.


Service charges include:

★ 23% commission of purchase price / winning bid price (¥2,300 minimum).

★ Domestic shipping (shipping within Japan) from the seller to Osaka. This depends on the item size and seller's location. We can tell you what this charge will amount to before you purchase/bid.

★ Ocean freight to California (see rates below).


Costs listed above are due once the auction is won/purchase is finalized. An invoice for the total amount will be sent via PayPal with a breakdown of the charges attached.

DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for sellers in Japan shipping items not as described in auction listings. While it is very uncommon to receive an item not as described, it can happen. If you are unsure about a specific item's state or condition (can't understand description, bad quality images, etc.), please don't hesitate to ask our opinion. Once a bid is placed, it cannot be canceled!


Email HELLO@GET-JPN.COM for inquires. Please include link to part(s). Please also include zip code.


NOTE: This service is for those who have found the part(s) they want and are ready to purchase/bid. We're unable to source specific parts, sorry!

We're not importing vehicles or motors at this time.



* These are general rates for common parts, and are not guaranteed for all parts *
★ Bumper (front or rear) - $130 each
★ Wheels 13" - 20" - $45 each with tire / $30 each without tire
★ Wheels 10" - 12" - $35 each with tire / $15 each without tire
★ Lip (front or rear) - $100
★ Front Seat - $120
★ Rear Seats - $130
★ Roll Cage - $200
★ Fender Pair (front or rear) - $100
★ Side Skirt Pair - $100
★ Full 3 Piece Kit (front and rear bumper, side skirts) - $300
★ Hood - $300
★ Door Panel Pair - $100
★ Grille - $35
★ Trunk / Hatch - $150 to $300 depending on vehicle
★ Rear Spoiler / GT wing - $80
★ Door - $150 each
★ Wheel Hub Pair - $45
★ Headlight/Taillight Set - $50
★ Differential - $150
★ Subframe - $150
★ Coilover Set - $120
★ Hard top (pick up only) $350
★ Radiators - $85 
★ Intercooler Kit - $85


Photos from the loading process of previous container shipments: